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Garden Envy

Every Gardener goes through Garden Envy.

That’s where you want other gardeners are growing. I think this is particularly noticeable between the North and the South. Even within the State of Florida we experience this. Why? Because we have a North and South and Central and the plants that are available in each of these three areas varies greatly.

I live in the northern part of South section of Florida (don’t laugh; we are very regional here!). This means I get to enjoy a little bit of the plantings that would traditionally grow in the center of the state and a bit of tropically plantings from the south.



When it comes to the South and the Tropics who can beat all the palms that are available. The coconuts swing over the beaches, and tropical orchids hanging from the trees naturally. Exotic Foliage that you can only dream of growing indoors in the North grow wild in the landscape.


Then there’s the other extreme; Northern Florida.  Up there you even get a change of seasons. The Maple leaves will turn the bright red and drop. Some of the fruit you find in the Northern states will grow here, especially peaches. In the fall, the riot of fall mums is something we can’t get in southern Florida.

25254252 - display of fall mums

When I think of Central Florida and I think what sticks out in my mind most are the azaleas. They will bloom prolifically, maybe because they don’t get the extreme cold will kill off the flower buds in a frost. One particular place that I love to visit is called Bok Towers. You walk the pathways up to the tower and it’s  a riot of different azaleas. There’s nothing more beautiful to enjoy on a March morning.

26278876 - flowering azaleas

Each of these three areas has specific plants that will grow there and, as a gardener, it’s up to you to know what region/zone you live in and what plants will grow best in your zone. There are many ways to find this information out the easiest of course is on the internet. Yet with some good old-fashioned trial and error you can create a garden to reflect the best of your regional plants. I know some plants that are tropical and will still grow  well in Central Florida. These plant need the right location; meaning a warm secluded area that is protected from the elements. Like every other gardener, you’re going to need to experiment and figure out what works best for your garden. Take into consideration not only the zone you live in, but the elements your garden is exposed to. Are you close to the ocean? You will need to consider the impact of salt. Are you in a high wind area? Then you need to worry about more tender plants that are fragile. Things like this will become second nature as you get more experience in your gardening.

13351930 - map of united states of america


 Remember. you don’t have to suffer from garden envy! You can simply get in your car and drive to another section of the state and enjoy their Gardens.

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Sharing Your Garden

After a day of gardening…

There is something very satisfying about working hard in your garden, and then sitting back to reflect on your hard work. You might be sore, sweaty and tired, but that garden looks good!

41765534 - man with straw hat working in the garden
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And that earns you bragging rights. It seems most of us gardeners love to talk about how well our garden is doing. Or what problems are plaguing us, what obstacles we have tackled and over come.

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It isn’t at all unusual to strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger while browsing the garden center. Advice is freely given about plant selections, and recommendations are shared about the news gardening tool or trend.

There is almost a badge of honor to lean against your shovel, wipe the sweat from your brow, and talk to your neighbor about the newest plan for your garden. We excuse our looks, because we’ve earned every dirty smudge or drip of sweat rolling down the center of our backs.

But there is another way that is enjoyed for sharing your garden. A celebration of sorts. Entertaining that same neighbor or visiting family member in your garden. A small table and chairs, under the umbrella or canopy of overhead trees with a ready pitcher of ice tea and frosty glasses are perfect for spending time together.

123 RF stock photo #14013556

Now is the time to relax and enjoy your hard work. Listen to the birds, watch the butterflies and breath in the scents on the afternoon breeze.

Now compare your gardening tales in comfort and style as you share your garden.