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The Joy of a Tree

The wisest people tell you to save and invest in your future, and this is great advise. But, there is another way to invest in your future as well.


Plant a tree!

And, if you live in a hot climate, I would suggest you plant one that is going to give you plenty of shade in the years to come. That  tree may look small in your yard or landscape now, but with proper care and food, it will grow into a substantial part of your landscape, that will give you years of benefits.

There’s nothing more rewarding on a hot summer’s day than to sit under a shade tree and feel the difference in temperature compared to standing under the sun’s hot rays. And the relieve from the glare of the sunlight on your eyes makes you sigh. Children seem to instinctively know to play in the shade. They build tree houses to serve as a clubhouse, swing on tires hanging from the largest low branch, or just lay on a blanket to play with their toys or read a book. Some trees, like a Weeping Willow can become anything from an old fort to an enchanted kingdom. All it takes is an imaginative child and there will be hours of entertainment for a summer’s day.


As an adult, I love to pull around a lounge chair and sit to read under an old shade tree. And, without a doubt, there is something romantic and old-fashioned about having a picnic on a blanket spread out under the tree’s shade. Can you picture it? A checkered blanket, a wicker basket overflowing with food and an open bottle of wine.

But the properly chosen shade tree can also be a practical choice. It can improve your property value and appearance of the other items on the land. Placed in the right location, pruned and fertilized to encourage optimum growth, your investment is sure to pay off. As the tree matures, it can even have an positive effect on your air conditioning bills.

45604279 - female red squirrel standing on tree branch with flowers
45604279 – female red squirrel standing on tree branch with flowers

There is one other benefit that I personally enjoy: the tree can become a home for many birds and other wildlife. It provides food and shelter for these animals. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting out in your backyard under the shade tree, listening to the birds song or watching the squirrels chase each other. You can’t help but to feel a sense of peace.

So make your investment: pick a tree for shade, flower  & fragrance or even for privacy.

Now, sit back & watch it your investment grow a little more each year.