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A tiny little secret…

20151117_115818One of my all-time favorite books is The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I read it as a child, and have re-read it many times as an adult. I have always been fascinated by the work and comradely that went into bringing that old garden back to life. The many other facets of the book thrilled me as I read, but it was the garden I remember the most. And then when the book became a movie-well, I fell in love all over again.
As a southern gardener, I may not be able to re-create the old English garden from the book, but I can create a garden that will bring joy, wonder, solace and contentment. I simply need to be a bit more creative.
The flowers of the tropics may not be the same, but I can use color, texture and scents to achieve my goals.

Finding little corners tucked away from view, planting taller bushes and trees to create a special spot or boldly creating a niche out in the open to take in a special view, will all work towards creating your own secret garden. Don’t forget to include a few unusual plants and/or containers to finish off the plantings.
Adding a beautiful bench, a bistro set, or a couple of comfortable chairs will help claim the niche as your special spot. And the garden can be used year round down here, allowing you to enjoy it even longer. Don’t forget the evenings in the garden. Torches lit to guide your steps to the garden, a small fire-pit to relax around or fairy lights sprinkled into the branches overhead will all work towards a wonderful spot to enjoy the evening sounds.

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As you work in your garden, don’t forget to take the time to notice the results of all your efforts. Seeing a garden come together, plant by plant, can be as rewarding as opening a secret door, with a long-lost key, to find a beautiful garden.

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Bragging Time!

Spring Break

Spring Break…those two words put together can have different meanings to different groups of people.

To the young families struggling through a long winter stuck indoors, it can mean a week’s vacation to a warmer, family friendly destination. For young adults is often brings to mind endless beach parties and fun, fun times. To the many Grandparents out there, it could mean the visit from returning college students. To those living in these destination spots it could mean all the woes and traffic headaches that the tourist can bring.

But to the Southern Gardener, well Spring Break means it’s time to show off! Winter annuals are at their peak about now, the days are warm, the nights a little cooler, winds have calmed down from those strong North-easterners and the rain has yet to become the summer’s downpours. And this means the flowers and gardens are looking their best.
There is a certain point when flowers are full and glorious, just before they become overgrown and weary. It can last for a week or several weeks. The experienced Gardner knows the best timing and methods of pruning and fertilizing to prolong this period and bask in the glow of all those compliments from the novice standing in awe over your skills.

It doesn’t matter if you want to brag about your skills, or just stand back and let others enjoy the results of your hard work, this is the time when it all comes to celebrate the garden. If your containers are at your front entry or in a public area, expect your visitors to exclaim how beautiful your flowers are. Share your tips for a successful show, for they will be sure to ask not only how you did that, but what you used.

(If you have a gardener, be sure that they have provided you with a list of the plants in your gardens!)

On the other hand if you would prefer to keep your garden a secret all to yourself, then by all means, do so. Be sure that you have created a garden that you can spend hours in, escaping the struggles (and tourist) of the day, and relax. I love to not only have color in this type of garden, but also plants that will please my sense of smell as well. A few well-placed herbs such as Rosemary or Lavender can do the job.

And remember, it’s Spring Break.
So pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea (or mimosa) and get out in your garden to enjoy it, not work it!