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Secret #14

Night Blooming Jasmine

I have to admit, this one surprised me!

Down here in Florida, Night Blooming Jasmine is a coveted plant. To have it in your garden is like having a wonderful treasure.

It’s not because it’s a beautiful plant, It is large and can overwhelm if not trimmed regularly. You might even overlook it during your daytime walk. It seems to blend in with the other plants in the landscape.

But if you have one, you will know the scent away where. It blooms release its heavenly scent, starting at dusk, getting stronger as the night progresses.

But the Night Blooming Jasmine is toxic to humans and mammals, especially dogs and horses. All parts of the plant are toxic. Vomiting, lethargy, increased heart rate. Death can occur if they do not pump the stomach in time.

The plant can bloom 4 times in one year, producing tiny white berries. Oddly enough, the flowers or berries do not affect the birds and butterflies. In fact, it is a great plant for attracting these animals.

Having a Night Blooming Jasmine in your yard can add much pleasure, but please be careful to keep pets and children away from the plant.