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Secret #15

Floriography: Exploring the Victorian Meaning of Flowers

Have you seen the movie Alona Holmes? The main character is left a secret message by her mother-using the language of flowers. This was a common practice in the Victorian era. I thought it would be fun to learn a few meanings and try out a message or two. Just another secret from my garden!

Single flowers have specific meaning, and certain colors of the flower goes deeper into the meaning of the flower. Combinations of flowers will have other meanings. Some flowers will even have conflicting meanings, which could cause serious misunderstanding.

Lets try a set of flowers and see if we can come up with a simple message. Although the messages were after used for love messages, they could also be used for more sinister messages.

Snap Dragon; deception

Zinnia; thoughts of an absent friend

Yarrow; healing

These three flowers could be the message of “healing from a deception from and absent friend.”

These messages could be a proglamation of love, healing, friendship or a threat!