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Secrect #16

Floriography: Exploring the Victorian Meaning of Flowers

Through out our lives, and our history, we are warned about danger. Our parents warned us about touching a hot stove. Our friends warned us about a cheating partner. Paul Revere warned the settlers that the “British are coming”.

Nature warns us as well. The rattle snake shakes it tail before it strikes, thunder warns of storms, the ground hog of the possibility of a longer winter.

Using the languge of flowers, the Victorians could also send warnings.

The Petunia warns of resentment and anger

Purple Petunia

Monkshood warns of hatred and to be cautious


Rhododendron means beware, danger is near


Leaving these three flowers in a pre-destinated location can give the warning something like this;

Beware, danger is near from those who hate you, use caution they are very angry.

A warning like that could make your blood run cold, and it might save your life.