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These are a few of my favorite Autumn Plants

Sunflowers always remind me of fall. I love the way their flower head follows the course of the sun during the day, always turning towards the light, from east to west.

Chrysanthemum are wonderful for bright color, in a wide range of shades to create pockets of bright oranges,yellows, and reds to mimic the fall leaves–to whites, pinks and purples for a softer tone. But not only will this flower provide a wide range of colors, it will also provide texture and contrast to your garden with the many shapes the flower heads come in.

Coleus also come in many shades of fall colors, including shades of mixed greens. These are perfect for contrast to flowers planted nearby.

Ornamental Kale is perfect for the cooler weather and for you northerns, it will last into the first freeze. The shape and texture of the leaves are what make this plant an interesting addition.

Pansies and Johnny-Jump-Ups are hearty for the cool weather. In fact, they prefer it. It takes a hard freeze to slow these down, and often you can find them blooming in pots as the first snow falls.

Of course for us southerns, well, we are planting all types of flowers at this time of year. Geraniums, Impatiens, Begonias, Salvia, Sweet Alyssum… you know, the flowers that our northern friends plant in the spring.

Whatever you plant, I hope you enjoy your fall gardens!