Let’s Talk Gardening!

I’ve been gardening as long as I can remember!

Growing up in the Niagara Fall, NY area, gardening was a big part of my family’s past time. Vegetable gardens were a must, and flower gardens were a treat. I can remember going to my grandmothers and helping her-from picking the sweet Lily of the Valley flowers, to hanging flower baskets on Mother’s Day.

But Gardening in the south is so much different.

It’s more laid back and relaxed. After all we have 12 months to garden, not 5 or six! I’ve been down here in the south all of my adult life, and this is now more my home than were I was raised as a child. This is where I’ve raised my child, started my landscape business and learned a new way to garden.

This blog will be different from my business’s blog (Botanical Concepts). Here you’ll find I’ll “tell it like it is”.  A little less professional, a little more like talking over the fence with your neighbor: that’s what you’ll find here.

I’ll gladly tell you about my mistakes, dislikes, favorite plants, adventures with the animals who visit my garden and maybe even a whimsical tale or two.

So grab your sweet tea, find a shady spot and let’s talk gardening…


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