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I live in a wonderful small town on the coast of Florida and have plenty of access to the beaches and Indian River. I am a proud Christian. I have great son & I married my best friend over 34 years ago. We have 2 cats. I am the author of the Citrus Beach Mystery Series and the Sister Station Series. I love to read, walk, garden, watch good movies, enjoy nature and love chocolate and a good cup of coffee!! Did I say I like chocolate?

The Storm is Coming!

When the weather Channel tells you there’s a hurricane coming the adrenaline pumps. For those of us who live down south we have automatic steps laid out in our hurricane plan and we begin to prepare. We work, keeping an … Continue reading

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We’re in the hot days of summer; you can feel it as the sweat trickles down your neck to the waistline of your pants. When you watch the news and you see highs in the 90s and heat indexes above … Continue reading

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Life Span

There is a lifespan for everything, and you can see signs of when things are reaching the end of their lifespan. From the grocery supplies we buy, to the clothes we wear, things will only last so long. Food and … Continue reading

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The Joy of a Tree

The wisest people tell you to save and invest in your future, and this is great advise. But, there is another way to invest in your future as well. Plant a tree! And, if you live in a hot climate, I … Continue reading

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The Garden Catalog

Where you one of those kids that grabbed the Toys-R-Us Christmas catalog and ran off to dream about what to ask Santa? Are you a catalog Junkie now?  I know I am. nothing gives me pleasure like sitting down and … Continue reading

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Love ’em or Hate ’em!

I think everybody will agree that the right tools for the job make the job go smoother. There’s nothing worse than fighting with something when the right tool can make the job go so much faster and more efficiently. Getting … Continue reading

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What kind of garden will you grow?

Here is a question for you to consider… are you a gardener for practicality or for beauty? Because whichever one you decide you’re going to plant involves different plant choices and maintenance practices. Your chances for a successful garden could … Continue reading

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