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Secret #12


Hibiscus flowers where I live are as common as the northern dandelion! The large flowers attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Used in the landscape, they can be a tree or a shrub. But they also have health benefits. Something my squirrels seem to know instinctively, because they are constantly eating the flowers!

The hibiscus flowers are used in tea, powders and tablets. This plant contains powerful antioxidants offering many health benefits. It is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, has diabetes, low blood pressure or about to have surgery. As will any subelement talk to your doctor before taking.

Some of the benefits the Hibiscus can provide are;

  1. boosting your immune system
  2. improving your skin tone
  3. reducing tiredness and fatigue
  4. a source of calcium
  5. a source of plant protein
  6. boost energy levels
  7. cognitive health
  8. heathy bones and teeth
  9. quicken wound healing
  10. protect against skin cancer
  11. improve hair growth
  12. lowers cholesterol
  13. lowers blood pressure
  14. lowers blood sugar

That is a lot of benefits from such a beautiful flower!


I live in a wonderful small town on the coast of Florida and have plenty of access to the beaches and Indian River. I am a proud Christian. I have great son & I married my best friend over 35 years ago. We have 2 cats. I have been in the landscape business for over 30 years and own a small Gardening Service called Botanical Concepts, providing design, installation and maintenance service for niche gardens. I am the author of the fictional cozy mysteries and a writing blog ( I love to read, walk, garden, watch good movies, enjoy nature and love chocolate and a good cup of coffee!! Did I say I like chocolate?

8 thoughts on “Secret #12

  1. I knew there was a reason that I love Hibiscus. I have quite a few planted in my yard in Indiana. I just love the beautiful blooms. I even bought one for two of my sisters. They love them as well! I had no idea they had those health benefits. That is my lesson for today. Thank you.


  2. My grandmother grew Hibiscus flowers long before I was born in 1965 and probably even as my father and his siblings were growing up, she had them all around her house, the flowers were as big a dinner plates, and of every color you could get. After she passed away one of my aunt was able to get some seeds from the plants before the people that bought her house tore them out. She had many different flowers all around her house and inside, she had grew every color you can think of for African Violets, she main living room was full of them, she would have the starters in egg cartons and would pot them as they got bigger and would mix the colors in the pots for a dramatic effect. She and my grandfather did not have green thumbs, they had green hands, every plant they touched was beautiful. Thank you for bringing back the beautiful memories of my grandmother’s flowers and my grandfather’s garden….


  3. The yellow one is gorgeous. It can be very cold in the winter here, so we can only grow Hibiscus syriacus.


  4. I love hibiscus and there grow well here in Arizona. The only problem is they take so much water and we are committed to NOT planting anything that can’t survive (after it is established) on the water that is available naturally. Xeriscaping is a challenge, and climate change is NOT helping.


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